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March Exhibitions! March 19 & 20, after school (check it out!)

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C.S.F. Anzar Members/ Spring 2015!

This is the high school honor roll, and all students are to be congratulated for their consistent academic effort and dedication. Thank you!CSF Spring 2015-2.doc

Congratulations! Straight As!

Congratulations to the following students for earning straight As at the first semester: Sarah Beatie, Kristen Chatley, Destiny Hansen, Chris Inokuchi, Hailey Kennedy, Jenique Ruiz, Jessica Sanchez, Nicholas Sandberg, Skylar Seyffert, Elleni Velasquez, Robert Vivian, Taylor Vollin, and Christopher Winterbottom. Thank you for the dedication and commitment that it took to achieve this!

You can see the complete CSF (high school honor roll) listing in the box above this one, for Spring, 2015.

Intersession 2015 - A Rousing Success

The following classes were taught in January 2015: Alternative Art, Extreme Fitness, Intensive Grad Ex., Intensive Baking, CSI Anzar-Forensic Science, Rock Star 101, Russian, Immersion into the Supernatural, Pinterest, Disaster Preparedness, Dance, Construction, Cyber High, and Internships. Each class was worth 3 units and lasted for nine days. Met with enthusiasm and super high engagement, highlights include a lunchtime Dance class flash mob, a Rock Star 101 performance (the best ever!), "found nature" art projects all over campus, new benches, a garden shed, and dugout benches constructed, numerous field trips and guest instructors, delicious baked goods and creative DIY projects, and tons of interesting other class outcomes and products. Kudos to the Anzar teachers who create all the curriculum on their own time, and work so hard to offer these engaging electives to the student body. Video instructor Nick Lovejoy is once again creating a video documentation of this year's classes, which will be posted on this website when completed. In addition, look for some photos of our students helping out in Aromas and San Juan classrooms as interns, on the Service Learning web page.

New information on athletic ejections, January 2015. See "Athletics" drop down.

Anzar High School: HOME OF THE HAWKS

(all photos courtesy of Anzar Photography students and instructor Nick Lovejoy)

Principal's Corner: March, 2015

Welcome to March! In addition to the update articles and event dates on this homepage, please be aware of the following timely Anzar news:

- Winter sports are now over, with all four teams playing competitively this year, and Boys' Basketball making it to the CCS Playoff Games. Congratulations to their coach Tracy Carpenter, for winning Coach of the Year in the league! In addition Senior John Moreno and Junior Jarret DeAmaral won All-League, with Victor Flores and Josiah Martinez achieving Honorable Mention. Congratulations!

-now it's time for Spring sports: the first Softball and Baseball home games are the first week of March (see the calendar for complete listings). Come root for Hawks' softball and baseball, and don't forget about Track, Swim and Golf, as well.

- The softball and baseball dugouts are sporting new benches, thanks to the hard work of A.D. Mike McKinney, along with a number of students in the Construction Intersession class, his dad, and Woodworking teacher Dan Daniels. These have been a labor-intensive and time-consuming project; Thank you Mike!

-The Intersession Construction class also built other new benches and placed them around campus for student seating. They have beautified and improved our campus, and I understand there are still several more to be placed.

-The 2015 Leon Panetta Lecture Series is gearing up for its 18th year, and Anzar will again be involved. This year's theme is The Test of Leadership in 2015 - Critical Issues that Can Unite or Divide America. The first lecture happens on March 23, and will center around the focus issue of energy.  Juniors and Seniors will be invited in their Social Science classes to take advantage of this opportunity.

- The Anzar Boosters continue to seek new members. They are currently preparing for the All-You-Can-Eat Crab and Pasta Dinner/ Silent Auction, which takes place the Saturday before Mother's Day each year, and serves as the group's primary fundraiser. There are many identified ways that all parents can help, from soliciting donations for the auction, gathering supplies, assisting is setting up and cleaning, and many others. Please see the complete message from the Boosters on the Parent Groups/ Resources page on this website. (Boosters meet the third Tuesday of every month, at 5:30 PM, in the Library). This fundraiser helps pay for every Booster-funded venture: all athletics, the sophomore Tolerance Trip (US History/ English 10), campus improvements (additional tables for the quad for this year), improvements to the Drama stage, staff appreciation lunches, Link Crew food and refreshments, athletic subsidies for families in need.

- PR Coordinators Adam Causey and Angela Oliveira are designing a first annual Anzar Conference for educators and interested parent/community members, for Saturday, April 25. Sessions are currently being finalized, but we will be sure to publish the full text of the conference offerings as soon as they are ready, right here on this page.

-The ASJ Community School Foundation is hosting their annual Barbeque and Live/Silent Auction on April 18. This group raises money that funds special projects at all three district schools, in addition to giving Anzar seniors $6,000 in scholarships annually. Tickets are $45/ person, and inquiries can be made in the school office. The evening begins at 5 PM with a social hour and music/entertainment.

-All parents should be aware that College Field trips have been planned and scheduled for each grade level, in the next two months. Students will tour CSUMB or San Jose State University or UCSC, according to grade level. See specifics on the calendar; be expecting a permission slip to be signed.

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me directly through School Loop if you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the school. I love meeting and talking with you!   Charlene McKowen, Principal

Attention Seniors! Order Your CAP and GOWNS before April 1! (gowns available for borrowing, at no cost, in the office)

Yearbooks on sale; Yearbook Ads on sale

Yearbooks can be ordered on-line at Jostens.com.   The yearbooks are now $60 until March 25. If students or parents prefer hardcopy orders, that can be done in the office. In addition, 1/4, 1/2 and full page ads can be ordered this fall for next spring's yearbook edition.  Prices are 1/4 - $50, 1/2 - $100, and Full Page - $150.  Yearbook ads are a great way to celebrate student success and milestones and reflect on the person your student has become. It's also a great way to garner recognition for your place of employment/ business. Visit jostensadservice.com to create your recognition ad.

Mandatory Tutorial: contracts revised, beginning Tues. March 17!

When students are not achieving academically, we want to make sure that we, as a school, have formal interventions in place to support all students sufficiently. Any student that received an F in a class on their fourth grading period progress report must attend Mandatory Tutorial in that class on either Tuesday or Thursday, as assigned. All said students will have Mandatory Tutorial contracts in place by the first Tuesday of the new grading period post grades, which is Tuesday, March 17. They are intended to be signed by students and parents, but are enforced whether or not the original contract is returned signed. Students are eligible to pop out of M.T. at the next grading period, if they are then passing the class. Not intended to be seen as punishment, rather M.T. is set up to support and assist the failing students individually. Please call the office if you have any questions about this. Attendance is mandatory for contracted students; it is still part of the school day.

Charlene McKowen, Principal

Lourdes Eberhardt, School Secretary

Greg Braithwaite, Admin Support

Keith Williams, A.S.B. Director

This Week on Campus:

     3/23 - 3/27/2015


Monday: UCSC College field trip for juniors

Monday: Panetta Lecture #1  (CSUMB)

Friday: MORP Dance  7 - 10 PM/ Gym