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Altered Schedule for the first two days of school

Foreign Exchange student hosting

Please look under "Resources/(Opportunities)" to view current opportunities for Anzar families to host exchange students

Volleyball Open Gyms and Summer Camp

Please refer to the School Loop/ Web page calendar for specifics. Faultline Volleyball is sponsoring Open Gyms on Wednesdays, from 6:30 - 8 PM.

Anzar Girls' Volleyball program is sponsoring Volleyball Camp, from 7/27 - 29, two sessions daily, $80 per athlete.

football practice

Please refer to the School Loop/ Web page calendar for details. Football practice schedule has been set for early summer; required dead period coming up. If you have any questions, please contact coach Frank Reyes, at frnk.reyes@gmail.com

Basketball Open Gym

Open Gym for Basketball will run 11 AM - 12:30 PM, Monday - Friday until dead period. Males and Females invited! Any questions, please contact Tavo Indarose directly, at 588 - 4359. Recommended verification with Tavo, as subject to change according to schedule.

Cristina Huerta, budding journalist!

Check out Anzar student Cristina Huerta's extensive article about the Anzar Mosaics in the June edition of the Mission Village VOICE. Way to go, Cristina!

Woodshop and Studio Art classes available to Community!

Monday afternoons, beginning August 24, 2015! Check it out:   Anzar Wood shop and Studio Art classes' announcement for Fall 2015.docx

Anzar Bell Schedule 15 - 16  Bell ScheduleAnzar High School 201516.doc

C.S.F. Anzar Members/ for the Fall of 2015!

This is the high school honor roll, and all students are to be congratulated for their consistent academic effort and dedication. Thank you! CSF Eligibility for Fall.doc

New information on athletic ejections, January 2015. See "Athletics" drop down.

Yearbooks still on sale while they last

There are a very few yearbooks still left: don't delay if you want your copy. $65, in the Anzar office.

Anzar High School: HOME OF THE HAWKS

(all photos courtesy of Anzar Photography students and instructor Nick Lovejoy)

Valedictorian Christopher Inokuchi: check out his speech!

It truly takes a lot to "wow" a high school graduation crowd, but many Anzar staff agree that this is the best graduation speech we've ever heard. We are amazed and impressed at brilliant Christopher Inokuchi's humility and the authenticity of his speech. Enjoy it by clicking on the link: Valedictorian Christopher Inokuchi's graduation speech.docx

Summer Schedule for the School (transcripts, work permits, diplomas et al)

Anzar secretary Lou Eberhardt will be on campus daily, from 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM through July 2. Any students needing work permits, their diplomas, transcript transactions, etc., need to make sure they put their requests in well before she leaves on vacation. Please read the "Principal's Corner" below for other school/summer information.

From July 6 - 17, the only staff in the office will be Summer School staff, and these folks are not equipped to take care of any of the above tasks.  From July 20 - August 1, the office will be completely closed. Please plan accordingly. Thank you!

Principal's Corner: Summer, 2015, updated 7/14/15

-Summer School ends July 17. Thank you to veteran Summer School Principal Greg Braithwaite for so capably handling the show this year. The school office will be closed for two weeks, until Secretary Lou Eberhardt's return on August 3. Thank you for your patience.

-A new opportunity for community members of Aromas and San Juan Bautista this fall is taking place right here on our campus! Beginning on Monday August 24, there will be a once-a-week after-school Woodshop course AND a Studio Art course open to both high school students and community adults. For more information, see the link in the box to the left of this column!

-Student schedules for next year have been mailed out, as of 6/26/15. All families need to take care to read the enclosed letter carefully. It spells out an explanation for our concern in pushing for all of our students to have at least 5 college prep classes in their schedules (this is virtually automatic for freshmen and sophomores), but sometimes deviated from by the time students reach their junior or senior years. The rationale for ratcheting up expectations is solid.

-A wonderful new opportunity for our students is the return of an option to take a seventh class! Three courses will be offered after school this year, if sign up is healthy enough. These classes will be worth a regular semester's 5 units, and will meet just one day a week, but for multiple hours after school (3+). Depending on the course, there may be an additional, but minimal lab or on-line time required. The first class slated to be offered is Studio Art (could also be Advanced Art). This course will be taught on Monday afternoons, and will include a special Ceramics component that is not currently part of the regular school day course. A Woodshop class will also be offered one day after school (day to be determined) if student interest is strong enough. Lastly, Gavilan College will continue to offer its Psychology 2 course (Child Development) on Wednesday afternoons here on the Anzar campus, for college credit. Taking an extra class is a decision that can be made for three very different reasons- 1. perhaps a student was having trouble deciding on an elective, wishing they could take two classes and having to pick between them. Now you don't have to!        2. perhaps a student has found him/herself a bit behind in credits and is looking for a way to make up 5 extra semester credits. Now you can!           3. perhaps a senior wants to switch out a class during the day/regular schedule for one of these, allowing a bit more freedom for a job/ college application process/ etc. Now you can!

Any student wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact Charlene McKowen immediately, via loopmail or cmckowen@sbcoe.org.  I'm excited to have these options available this year. FYI: issues with athletics will be addressed on an individual basis, according to sport/team/coach.  In addition, a drop-in date has been set for July 14, if students or families wish to speak directly with the Principal re: schedules. Please bring a copy of the schedule with you, and please have read the accompanying letter carefully before asking for changes.

-We warmly welcome the three new teachers this coming year: Fitness teacher Mark Cisneros, and English teachers Rosemary Lopez and Stephanie Jones. Stephanie will also be teaching Photography and Video Production ("Multi-Media") this coming year, along with being the Yearbook Advisor.

-The two promised portables are being placed on the Anzar campus this month! For the first time in our tenure, multiple teachers won't have to move from room to room during their school day. The portables are coming courtesy of Aromas School, which is currently having new classrooms finalized.

-The Anzar Boosters have chosen the purchase of additional heavy-duty tables/benches for the quad as their primary "gift" to the school this year. Identified as a tangible need for our campus, this is a wonderful help to our students, in a very practical way. Thank you to the Boosters, on behalf of our entire student and staff population. Just about now, you should be deciding for yourself that this is an amazing group that YOU WANT TO BE PART OF NEXT YEAR! See you at the first Booster meeting in the fall!

-As always, please don't hesitate to contact me directly through School Loop if you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of the school and/or this month's information here. I love meeting and talking with you!   Charlene McKowen, Principal

Summer Opportunities Available for students: internships, paid jobs, service learning opportunities!

Students should check out the Service Learning updated Opportunities, under "Academics"/ Service Learning. There are more opportunities this summer than ever before!

Charlene McKowen, Principal

Lourdes Eberhardt, School Secretary

Greg Braithwaite, Admin Support

Keith Williams, A.S.B. Director

This Week on Campus:

     8/3 - 8/7/2015

Monday - Friday: Office open from 7:30 - 2:30 PM

(CCS-imposed "dead period" for 2 weeks for athletics)