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Advisory Cohorts

Anzar teachers meet weekly (on Wednesdays, after school) for staff meetings. At least twice a month, meaningful time is set aside during these meetings for grade-level Advisor cohorts to meet together and plan their curriculum and activities. This insures that all grade level students receive the same information and participate in the same activities with the same protocols.


Advisors 2017 - 2018


Freshman Advisors:

  • Danny Guzman (+Large and Barnett)  (Rm. 502)
  • Robert Huneywell  (Rm. 501)
  • Mark Graybill  (Rm. 103)
  • Maya Gomez and Charlene McKowen  (Rm. 201)


Sophomore Advisors:

  • Francisco Escutia  (Rm. 203)
  • Mark Cisneros  (Rm. 202)
  • Stelvia Chambless   (Rm.104)
  • Christina McCawley  (Rm. 102)

Junior Advisors:

  • Dan Faurot Daniels  (Rm. 204)
  • Stephanie Jones  (Rm. 402)
  • Darby Begeman  (Rm. 206 )
  • Brien Sparling  (Rm.305)

Senior Advisors:

  • Katie Deckelmann  (Rm. 303)
  • Greg Braithwaite  (Rm. 302)
  • Angela Oliveira and Emily Scettrini  (Rm. 205)
  • Debra Miller  (Rm. 304)