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Check here for new Service Learning Opportunities in the community...(updated 3/26/19)

1. ASB is always looking for more participation! Earn service hours by helping with activities and events! See Ms. Jones in Rm. 202 or 402 for more information.

2. Want to be an Outdoor School counselor? Sophomores through seniors are invited to sign up for this - the director was on campus on Tuesday, Sept. 18 - a presentation in the Library during SSR/H, and a lunchtime table set up in the quad for potential counselors to sign up on the spot! Extra copies of the application are available in the office.

3. Service Clubs like Interact, MeCHA and the new Garden Club offer service hours as part of their regular club activities - service and giving to the community is part of their mission. Join a club as soon as meetings start! (Garden Club has chosen Monday afternoons for regular work).

4. Start a club on your own or with a friend! This will give you plenty of service hours, as you write the constitution, plan and hold meetings, and have fun with like-minded people! Fill gaps you notice with your very own new club! (Music club, anyone?)

5. See Mr. Huneywell (Room 501) if you are a fluent bilingual and bi-literate Spanish speaker (2 years min. in NSS classes). He needs one or two people to help translate classroom materials. Can be done at your home in your spare time and is worth up to one semester of service learning hours.

6. Are you a great reader with a clear voice, even with complex texts and words? Mr. Huneywell needs one or two people to help make some audio files. Must have your own smartphone and a quiet place to make recordings. Worth up to one or two semesters of Service Learning. Talk to Mr. Huneywell (Rm. 501) to get more details and sign up!

7.Aromas School Athletics is looking for interested students to officiate games. Contact either Principal Heather Howell at 726 5100, or Lou Eberhardt, at the same number. 

8. Fiesta Fun Run, Saturday May 18, 2019- Volunteer opportunities abound! 6 students needed for morning set up, 6 students needed to serve as photographers, 25 students needed for course security, 10 students needed for water stops, 6 students needed at finish line, 4 students needed at photo booth, 8 students needed for clean up duty. (set up duty starts at 6 AM, clean up duty starts at 9:45 AM, and all the rest begin at 7:45 AM). Please sign up with your advisor, with Ms. McKowen, or email Julie Hicks directly at jhicks@sbcoe.org.

9. San Juan School 50th Anniversary Celebration 5/18/19- Opportunities include: 1.) Friday, May 17, 3 - 8 PM- decorating Casa Maria and Community Hall in SJB/ 15 - 20 volunteers needed.  2.) Sat., May 18- Food Service, 4 - 8 PM/ 15 - 20 volunteers needed. 3.) Satu, May 18, 10 PM - midnight- cleaning up, boxing decorations, etc./ 15 - 20 volunteers needed.  For any or all of these, contact JULIE HICKS, at jhicks@sbcoe.org   or (831) 623 - 4538, Ext. 216.

10. San Juan School athletic director Eric Ortiz is looking for volleyball refs for two home games - April 11 and May 1, both start times of 4 PM. Fun placement for any student who understands volleyball. Advisors have sign up sheets.

11. ASJ Foundation annual Fundraiser event is looking for 5 students to help cater delicious food and work the food prep/ service/ clean up. 4 pm - 10 pm on Saturday, May 4, at the Aromas Grange. Super fun placement and dinner is part of the deal! Advisors have sign up sheets.


Service Learning

Service Learning

In order to instill and foster compassion and empathy for their community, Anzar has created a Service Learning program. This program allows all students to fill an identifiable need in the community and participate in a two-way, mutually beneficial experience. Unlike "community service" programs that only emphasize time served, Anzar's Service Learning program requires students to develop a significant relationship with a service learning placement provider that allows them to feel self-empowered to a leadership capacity.

Examples of Service Learning experiences include: the creation of a meal program to feed needy people in the community; becoming trained docents for the local California Mission; helping staff and run bike rides, walk-a-thons, runs, etc. for lofty causes; being peer tutors; working in an internship capacity with a variety of local professionals; working at the local k-8 schools and community libraries; running after-school sports for younger students; working in the organic school garden; working as a counselor at Outdoor School; etc. Advisors track the service learning experiences of their advisees; the school offers an evaluation form that works well as documentation. Eighteen hours of service is considered one semester of service learning.


All Anzar students are required to complete six semesters of service learning for graduation.

Service Learning Placement Ideas for students

Advisors need to approve your placement, and evaluation sheets should be submitted for each placement. Aim for a placement that you will enjoy and that fills a real need, so that you'll feel the reward of truly serving and helping. 

Current placements for this year include:

  • working in the snack shack for volleyball, for basketball, for football, and for soccer
  • assisting with Anzar athletics outside of the snack shack = scorekeeping, ticket entry, parking, door duty, etc.
  • babysitting for ELAC once-a-month meetings at San Juan and Aromas Schools
  • helping coach a younger kids' team (soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, etc.)
  • Peer Tutoring , the Anzar Garden Class, translating for Anzar's ELAC (Weds. mornings/ once a month)
  • helping the Anzar Boosters with fundraisers
  • Church volunteer work
  • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4H volunteer work
  • helping at a homeless shelter or an animal shelter
  • interning somewhere
  • ASB work and/or Link Crew, serving as an officer/leader for an Anzar club
  • volunteering at a hospital or clinic
  • volunteering at the Aromas or San Juan Library
  • volunteering at Chamberlins in Hollister
  • after-school tutoring at Anzar, Aromas or San Juan School (requires advance planning)
  • helping with multiple community fundraisers during the year (Aromas Days, Antique fairs, Rock 'n Run, AIDS Bike-athon, etc.)
  • local harvest gleaning
  • Anzar Work Days
  • Intersession Construction class
  • Outdoor School (Science Camp) Counselor
  • Anzar Garden Club


Anzar's Service learning Supervisor Evaluation form

All placement supervisors need to complete documentation in order for Anzar students to receive service credit. We encourage you to use our form, which you can download here: Anzar Service Learning Evaluation sheet.docx (DOCX)

On Campus Service: Anzar's Organic Garden

The Anzar garden produces year-round, and is maintained by a group of students. Previously a class, this program will run as a club during the 2018 - 2019 school year. Harvest is weekly, and seasonal organic produce can be purchased. This year, instead of selling off the garden cart, the club is primarily filling pre-ordered boxes based on the harvest choices individual teachers have requested, $3/box. Any excess will still be for public sale on Fridays by lunchtime. Students plant, weed, water, harvest and prep for sale, learn about crop rotation, seeding, composting, light food preparation, etc.  This year's mighty Garden Club is Jessica Grimshaw,  Ashton Jumper, and Kai Alvarez. We are currently harvesting peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, kale, chard, bok choi, beets, eggplant, and cucumbers. We Dig Gardens!!

On Campus Service: Peer Tutoring program

Students who enjoy helping others and have room in their schedule, can take a Peer Tutoring class as an elective, and support students in their classes or the Resource Support class. For more information, see Mr. Guzman in Room 207.

On Campus Service: ASB participation

All ASB Advisory representatives and elected Commissioners receive service learning credit for their work!