About Anzar High School Why Anzar? What kind of educators do we seek?
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Anzar "givens"

Common ground for shared belief system at Anzar:  ahs the givens.docx (DOCX)

Why Anzar? What kind of educators do we seek?

Why Anzar?

Parents, families and students intentionally choose Anzar High School for a number of reasons:

  • Small school = individualized attention for each student
  • Advisors who meet with students four times every week
  • Graduation Exhibitions that prepare students for college rigor
  • Strong collaboration between staff and students
  • Teachers CHOOSE to teach at Anzar
  • Empowered student leaders and critical thinkers
  • Diverse collaboration between all students
  • College Preparatory classes with high expectations that all students actually meet
  • Individualized college and scholarship application assistance
  • Free Tutorials
  • Equitable Access to Athletics
  • Service Learning and Internship Opportunities

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What kind of educators do we seek?

Whether it be teacher- and student-centered Administrators or empowered Teacher leaders....we are clear about what we seek:

  • Bold, forward-thinking educators who feel called to lead in innovative ways!
  • Passionate and talented instructors who are giddy with excitement in their content areas!
  • Collaborative and collegial teammates who enjoy designing and implementing engaging curriculum and instructional strategies together; teammates who bring out the best in each other and demonstrate personal humility in doing so.
  • Excellent intuitive communicators with diverse audiences.
  • Exceptional culturally responsive educators who are interested in improving the Anzar experience for all students, families and community
  • Firm believers and practitioners in accessible and equitable high-quality college prep education as relevant to all students
  • Educators who take pride in graduating students who have all tangibly indicated that they can use their minds nimbly

If this sounds like YOU, please seek us out, as well. Come visit, come meet us.