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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Academic Area Anzar Requirements (minimum)

CSU and UC Requirements (a-g)


English 4 years 4 years
Social Studies

World Hist., US Hist., Government (sem),

Economics (sem), Global Issues (sem)

2 years (U.S. History and Government & Economics required)
Math Algebra & Geometry (through Class of 2018)  A third year of HS Math is a graduation requirement for the Class of 2019 and on. 3 years "HS math" required/ 4 years recommended (Alg, Geom, Adv. Alg. or higher math)
Science 2 years (through Class of 2018). A third year of HS Science (lab) is a graduation requirement for the Class of 2019 and on. 2 years required in: Biology, Chemistry or Physics/ 3 years highly recommended. 2 years of Int. Science counts as 1 year of Biology
World Language 2 years of Spanish 2 years of same language/ 3 years highly recommended
Visual/ Performing Arts 1 year long course 1 year long course ("2 consecutive semesters of same type of course")
College Prep Electives Health (sem), 2 years of Fitness, all Exhibitions and components  (Grad Ex is now a UC-approved elective) 1 year of electives in addition to the above from English, Advanced Math, Social Science, Science, Language, Art
Service Learning 6 semesters ---